Summary Care Records

Summary Care Records

The Summary Care Record is a national system available to the NHS staff caring for you anywhere in England. It contains the following information to support your care in an emergency:

  • Any medication you are taking
  • Any Allergies you have
  • Any reactions to medicine you may have

In England, over 10 million patients have a Summary Care Record.

If you want a Summary Care Record, you do not need to do anything, as it will automatically happen.

To opt out of the Summary Care Record, please fill in the opt-out form  and return it to the surgery.

How will having a Summary Care Record benefit me?

Healthcare staff will have quicker access to essential information such as prescriptions and any allergies you have so they can provide more effective care.

In an emergency you may not always be able to provide doctors and nurses with the information they need to give you the right treatment; you may not remember the name of your current medication or the allergies you have or you could arrive in A&E unconscious. A Summary Care Record will ensure you receive safe and effective treatment quickly in these kinds of situations.

If you have an Accident and are away from home, healthcare staff will be able to access your Summary Care Record to help treat you more effectively and efficiency.


GPRD is the world’s largest and most extensively used database of its kind. It is used internationally for research into disease, drug safety and public health.

Patients’ records from hundreds of practices in the UK are made anonymous so that research users cannot identify the patients or the practices. Added together, these anonymous records provide a vast amount of information for medical research.

Our role

We contribute data from this practice to the GPRD and are proud to do our bit towards this valuable database.

Anonymity of individual patients and clinicians is assured in all cases.