Private Reports and Services

You may be required to provide a report, completed by your GP. Examples include: Medical reports for insurance companies, Fitness to travel forms. You might also need to gain Access to your GP records or request a Travel Vaccination.

We have a Prices List’, itemising most of the reports and services.

When requesting a report, please note that time needs to be allocated to a GP (outside of seeing patients) for them to be able to research the information requested and to complete the requested forms and supply the requested information. Please discuss a time scale with our reception staff when handing in your request and allow for a minimum of two weeks.

For travel vaccinations you will need to allow for sufficient time, before your intended date of departure. You will be required to book two Nurse appointments. Please speak to one our receptionists for full information so that you can receive the vaccinations you need in good time, to enjoy your holiday.